The hurt never has to end at Hurts Donut Company

The hurt never has to end at Hurts Donut Company

By: Jamie Weston, The Cougar Call adviser (Ada High School)

Picture two young boys meeting up one morning for what one can only imagine will be a fun-filled day of adventure and possibilities.  Can you hear their conversation? Did it sound something like this?

Boy #1: “Wanna Hurts Donut?”

Boy #2: “Sure! What’s a Hurts Donut?”

This is the point at which Boy #1 proceeds to punch Boy #2 in the arm with all his might with a bravado-filled chant of, “hurts, don’t it?”

For many years, this childhood prank may have been what came to mind with the mention of the words Hurts Donuts, but Tim and Kas Cleg, owners of Hurts Donut Company, along with their business partner Scott Bussard, may have changed that.

The trio opened their first Hurts Donut Company shop in November 2013 in Springfield, Mo and offers a unique spin on the traditional doughnut. According to News Leader, the company does absolutely no advertising, opting to rely solely on word-of-mouth and social media. Only recently, has the company begun the process of launching a website, which as of now says “website coming soon” and offers links to individual franchise Facebook pages.

Watch the video below to lean more about the Norman location’s doughnut varieties.

Hurts Donut Company locations can now be found in ten different states, with more new franchises expected by the end of this year.

A new customer’s perspective

By: Deborah McGhee, Eagle Talk adviser (Waurika High School)
Deborah McGhee makes her first Hurts Donut Company purchase.

While at a recent workshop in Norman, I had the pleasure of indulging in a one of a kind donut experience at the local Hurts Donut Company.

Even though I consider myself somewhat of a donut enthusiast, there was no way I could try all of the 70 handmade varieties they sell. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to, but instead, I relied on the cashier/decorator Zowie Comfort to select a few of their top-selling donuts for me to try.

Customer favorites include the Cookie Monster, inspired by the Sesame Street character. Covered in smooth, sweet blue-tinted icing, with googling, candy eyes and Oreo cookie crumbs flowing over the side, the Cookie Monster will surely bring out the inner child in the more mature connoisseur.

Another favorite, the Jesus confection is a cake donut and includes a cloud of powdered sugar icing with a touch of pure cinnamon that brings out a Mexican flair in every bite.

The Homer, named for Homer Simpson, the dad on the Simpsons television show is a light, fluffy, yeast donut with unflavored, pink-tinted icing and multi-colored sprinkles. The sprinkles bring in the happy-go-lucky, party guy personality of Homer to the concoction.

And, the Blueberry Crumble, oozing with fresh blueberries from a cake donut covered in mounds of crumbling, buttery streusel presents the utmost of indulgences for any donut lover.

After my experience, I know where to go when I can’t get over a craving for a handmade, gourmet donut that is out of this world–Hurts Donut Company.

Comment below with your favorite doughnut shop/flavor!Rate Hurts Donut Company


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