Baptist Collegiate Ministry Reaches Out

Baptist Collegiate Ministry Reaches Out

By Latia Murray

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Getting involved on campus and feeling a sense of belonging are common goals of college freshmen.

The University of Oklahoma Baptist Student Collegiate Ministry (BCM) is a group that offers a way for students to discover these things and find friends along the way.

Catie Gray is a BCM staff member and OU graduate. She is glad to wear various hats as many staff members do. She can be found serving lemonade, planning an event or showing a student around campus depending on the day. Catie said, “The BCM is primarily about making God known and fostering a love for him amongst each other.”

They’re able to show this love through ministries such as Paradigm, Villages, Freshman Challenge, International Village, Ownership and Discipleship. These activities vary from large group worship to small group lunches and one-on-one discipleship. Events are also planned throughout the year across campus.

At an event Thursday evening, June 22, BCM, along with other student organizations, greeted Camp Crimson at Walker Tower to pass out refreshments, t-shirts and help students learn more about the campus and organizations. Many seeds were planted at the event.

Outreach of the BCM extends far beyond the boundaries of the campus and even Norman. Catie said, “OU sends the most International Mission Board missionaries of any public university. We have 23 students overseas currently. They are in four different countries.” Each year, students travel to as many as six different countries to serve as missionaries.

The BCM shares building space at 1320 W. Lindsay, but is raising funds to build a new facility across from the dorms. For more information about the BCM, events or programs. Visit their website at



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