Camp Crimson Tradition Continues at OU

By Derrick Miller and Robby Carriger

Certain stress accompanies a move from a small school to a large university. That’s something Taber Kaspereit hopes fewer freshmen will feel this year when they start at the University of Oklahoma.

Kaspereit, a health and wellness science senior, said he remembers what the transition from high school to college was like, and recognized the positive impact the Camp Crimson had on the process. It’s a positive feeling he wants other students from small towns to have.

About 40 OU students help with the Camp Crimson program.

Camp Crimson, a freshman orientation program hosted on the OU campus, had its first session June 21 to 23. About 600 incoming students took part in the event.

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“I came as a freshman,” Kaspereit said. “It made me want to do it as a staff member.”

Kaspereit, who is originally from Duncan, is one of 40 students who are part of the staff group. Those students work closely with Camp Crimson organizer Bridgitte Castino.

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For Castino, the event is a great way to introduce students to one another and to get them more familiar with campus.

“The biggest benefit is they come to campus in August a lot more comfortable because they know someone,” she said.

Kaspereit said he met upperclassmen, who he looked up to as a freshman. They helped him find his place at OU.

He said transitioning from a small school to OU can be daunting, especially when considering OU’s 2016 enrollment was 31,250 student. But his goal is to work to make students excited to be at the university, while helping calm the nerves of those freshmen.

“Being from a small town, I’m relatable,” he said. “They see they can do it, too.”

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