Opportunity awaits!

Opportunity awaits!

As educators, we strive to offer our students the most opportunities for growth and real world experience while staying within the confines of our budgets and technological limits.
For us to offer that to them, we too must be educated. One of the methods is to attend Oklahoma Scholastic Media trainings. The Initiative through the Oklahoma Scholastic Media offers a grant program, which will allow us to create or update online publications, have newer technology and give our students that experience that they need to succeed in their future endeavors.  The options are endless as long as you follow the guidelines.

Educators attend classes to learn more about online publications, WordPress, photography, podcasting, integrating multimedia into websites, among other things. The classes are held at the Gaylord Hall on the campus of the University of Oklahoma.  The beautiful grounds are adopted by the Beta Theta Pi and are a relaxing change of scenery while you are attending The Next Level in Scholastic Online Media training.


For more information on Oklahoma Scholastic Media Initiative visit their website at osmiosm.wordpress.com or follow them at @OSM_OIPA on twitter. #OSMI16



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