What’s trending from Purcell, Oklahoma

Debbie Frankenberg

By: Amber Harp, Little Axe High School

Debbie Frankenberg is a fearless, life long educator. She has passion for teaching students, not only in the classroom but creating life long experiences for students that are lucky enough to enter her library at Purcell High School.

Frankenberg was born in Purcell, Oklahoma but with a father in the oil business she had the opportunity to see many places. Having lived in multiple states in the U.S., Malaysia, and Australia, she feels she brings a vast amount of world experiences and knowledge to her students.

About 30 years ago, she moved back to hometown of Purcell, Okla., while her two grown children currently reside in Texas. Having spent some years in the classroom as a 5th grade teacher then moving to middle school; she decided to return to college part-time for a librarian degree. Frankenberg attended the University of Oklahoma taking three credit hours at a time. After approximately four years she finished her degree and was lucky enough to become the high school librarian in her school district.

Even with all the side arts and craft hobbies Frankenberg picks up, puts down, and picks back up; her biggest passion is for learning, literature, writing and integrating these into innovating projects and new technology that will benefit the students and their future. “Never ask a librarian who their favorite author is,” Frankenberg said, “We are librarians, we love to read.”

Having been in education for approximately 30 years, she has gotten to see her students grow from elementary to college and beyond. “In fact, the Art teacher is a previous student of mine. I taught him in 5th grade.” Frankenberg said.

She is excited to get back to school to show them what she has learned here at the #OSMI2015 training.



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