Always Up for Adventure


“I was always being told I would make a good teacher,” stated Karen Beavers.

Previous to her teaching career Karen worked for DHS, at a hospice and for an assisted living center. Over the years she was told she would make a good teacher and when the opportunity presented itself, she made the move into the education field and thousands of students are thankful.

Karen Beavers has been a fixture at Lawton High School since 2001. Her influence in the district is wide due to the many hats she has worn over the years. Currently her teaching schedule includes yearbook, newspaper and journalism classes. She is in charge of the yearbook publication, the Tatler Vibes online news site, photography classes, technology co-coordinator and the department chair for the Fine Arts department.

Karen has a forty-two year old son and five grandchildren and has been married for twenty-four years to her husband. She arrived in Lawton when her father was stationed at Ft. Sill. Her parents were from Pennsylvania and California and Oklahoma was a welcoming new home for the family. The military moved them around over the years, but Karen eventually came back to Lawton, because it felt like home and decided to raise her own family here.

The opportunity to travel is high on Karen’s list of favorite activities. She has traveled to nine countries, yet her favorite destination is the Washington D.C. to New York City corridor. Karen likes to visit off the beaten path locations and is always looking for experiences giving her unique insights into them. Immediately before 9-11, from a viewpoint in Staten Island looking over the harbor, Karen took a picture of the Twin Towers. A month later and from the same location, she took a picture of the New York skyline with smoke still rising over where the towers had stood. Karen typically travels alone, but this does not mean she is lonely during her adventures. Friends often host her and act as tour guides showing her the cities they love and sharing their perspectives.

Karen is looking forward to retirement. It could happen as soon as next year, but she has not pinned down a time yet. After retiring, she hopes to move outside of Lawton into the country and slow down her pace. Visiting all fifty states is on Karen’s bucket list and she only has 15 states left, so retirement will contain traveling. When the time comes, Lawton High School will miss her, but her impact on the school and students will be felt for a long time.


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