Amber Harp Brings New Tradition to Little Axe

IMG_5876 (1)
Amber Harp learns about videography among other media skills at the OSMI 2015 training.

by Debbie Frankenberg

Which one of these does not fit? Computer, smart phone, SD card, DLSR, Twitter, video, Instagram, photoshop, Facebook, InDesign, newspaper. You might say “newspaper” because of the image of ink on your fingers and shuffling large sheets of news and black and white photos.

When Little Axe high school teacher Amber Harp graduated from Norman North High School, newspapers were large and unwieldy and printed up to be delivered to readers daily on their front yard.

Amber was really ready to get out of high school in 1998. Jump forward 17 years and she is back in high school. As the Career Tech teacher, Amber teaches L.A. Indians how to do the news 2015 style. Although she has a masters degree in Psychology with a focus in Educational Leadership, meaning she could find a job in school administration, she loves being in class with her students. She’s teaching students the skills they will need  when they graduate and go to college.

A member of the first graduation class of Norman North High School, Amber was not sure of her career goals. She certainly never envisioned a teaching career. After earning an Associates Degree in Liberal Studies from Rose State College, she worked for a mortgage company. Then came the economic effects of  911 and she needed to change her job. As financial secretary at Irving Middle School in her home town of Norman, she fell in love with the world of education. Married, working full-time, and raising two young children, Amber earned her degree in business management online through Ashford University.

While at Irving, she attended many professional development trainings which solidified her vision of becoming a teacher. University of the Rockies, also online, granted her her master’s degree. She is certified to teach math in both middle school and high school and all business classes. Recently, this girl who was really, really ready to get out of high school has achieved Career Tech certification.

All of this post secondary education has brought Amber back to high school.  Highly motivated to learn more about the way the news is shared today, she won a grant from the Oklahoma Scholastic Media Initiative to further develop her desktop publishing class. The newspaper at Little Axe High School will not be inky nor printed on large pieces paper now. This modern teacher is looking to the future for the news of Little Axe. “I want to establish this online newspaper so it can be a tradition for the high school and the community.”  Axe News combines digital media, all kinds of technology, and social media to inform students, parents, and fans of Little Axe Indians.


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